Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've been asleep at the wheel; how did I miss this?

Adam Liptak writes in the New York Times, Lawyer Reveals Secret, Toppling Death Sentence:
For 10 years, Leslie P. Smith, a Virginia lawyer, reluctantly kept a secret because the authorities on legal ethics told him he had no choice, even though his information could save the life of a man on death row, one whose case had led to a landmark Supreme Court decision.

Mr. Smith believed that prosecutors had committed brazen misconduct by coaching a witness and hiding it from the defense, but the Virginia State Bar said he was bound by legal ethics rules not to bring up the matter.
Turns out the case was from just up the road a bit in Yorktown.

And I had to read this in the New York Times? Has it been in the Pilot or the Press or in somebody's blog?

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  1. I missed it, too. Haven't seen a word about it in the Pilot or the Daily Press.