Thursday, January 24, 2008

What will history bring?

Ever wonder what will be happening a year from now? Who will be president? How will the economy be? Well, wonder no more, as the future is playing out over at Nothing is Just One Thing, a blog by Paul and Genevra McNeil. In Nothing is Just One Thing, the year is 2009, exactly a year from now. They paint a picture no one wants to see... well, no one except for a few power-hungry inside the Beltway folks.

I've tried my hand at alternative history with An American War: An Alternate History. Fourteen posts in eight months. I suck. Paul and Genevra, they don't suck. They post daily to let us know what is going on.

In short, in the McNeil alternate world, President Bush cancelled the elections and remains POTUS, with no end in sight.

I know, you think we're not Pakistan. Well, who'd have thought that the dangling chad fiasco could ever happen in the US of A?

Perhaps you think there's no way this is how the future is going to look; I don't think the world the McNeils paint is all that unplausible.

Check out Nothing is Just One Thing; I'd suggest finding the bottom of the blog and working forward. At least in the McNeil universe, free speech, at least in the blogosphere, hasn't been curtailed. When that happens, well, the missives from the future will come to a screetching halt.

And, again, some of us think that's not possible. I say, think again.

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