Thursday, February 21, 2008

At the the corner of City Hall Avenue and Atlantic Street

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RealAmerican at 757 Hampton Roads has posted his solution for the redevelopment of the corner of City Hall Avenue and Atlantic Street, The Future of Kirn Memorial Library:
As we all may know, Kirn Memorial Library is scheduled to be torn down this year to make room for the Light Rail System. There are many different view on the building ranging from eyesore to wonder. No matter what it looks like, it is still Norfolk's Central Library. I think that its replacement should remain downtown and should be the centerpiece for a continued redevelopment. Kirn was build during the last redevelopment stretch in the 60s. Why not continue that tradition?

I think that the new Library should be built right where Kirn is now. Yes, I know theres going to be a rail line in the middle, but hear me out. I think that the new building could be build OVER the light rail station. Image a steel and glass structure. I think that 5 stories would be good. The bottom floor would have the elevators to the library and the indoor light rail stop. This would save the city money and time in having to find a new location. It would also be a great way to have our central library connected and easily accessible by the rest of the city and/or region.

Furthermore, the city could even create a public/private partnership of some sort. Land in that spot of downtown is hard to come by and of high value to developers. If we could find a developer to build a 15-20 story office/condo building, we could chip in and secure the first few floors for a library. People would pay big bucks to live or have offices there due to the fact they don't have to brave the elements to get on the light rail.

Naysayers go on and nay, but when it comes to efficient use of resources, this is the best way to go. Whether it be to save time, money or the environment, this would help.
What a grand idea... and make that a truly architecturally significant space. We could find that it becomes the true anchor of renaissance in Downtown.

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