Friday, March 14, 2008

You be the judge

Did you hear about the school administrator who published poetry online and is getting slammed for it? From Louise Brown at the Toronto Star we learn about David Prashker and is poetry which is drawing fire from parents and board members.

Writes Ms. Brown,
In the latest ethical clash between schools and the Internet, a private Jewish school is reviewing samples of sexual and at times violent poetry written by its director – and posted on his website – after some parents complained the content is inappropriate for an educator.

The board of Leo Baeck Jewish Day School, with campuses in Forest Hill and Thornhill, struck a committee of parents to review six poems by director David Prashker. The poems were circulated to parents last week in an anonymous email that called the works "disturbing" and asked whether they felt comfortable entrusting their children's education to the author.
You be the judge. From Mr. Prashker's poem "For Agapé" (as quoted in the Star, with letters added back in as the poety likely intended):
When your climax came
(my triumph as much as yours)
it could have been the movement of the ultimate revolution
the earth-shaking messianic orgasm
and the absolute "fuck me and fuck the world"
"I love you" I whispered
ardently if ineptly
and you looked at me and smiled ironically
plunged your tongue back into my mouth
"Fuck the middle class" you said
"I am," I answered "I am."
But you were too preoccupied to hear
What do you think?

BTW, he's the director at a K-8 school, not a high school....

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