Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just who do they think they are?

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On my reader today was a bit from Avenging Archangel about some online attacks which have been launched at Mr. Ragsdale of Ideas for Hampton Roads Transit. While I'm not a bus rider, I am a ferry rider and I would be a light rail rider... I am a huge proponent of public transportation, not just in urban areas, but between urban areas. And, to be frank, I like rail, plain and simple.

Some of Mr. Ragsdale's blog is over my understanding since I can't make head nor tails out of bus routes here in Hampton Roads or anywhere, for that matter. But in terms of policy and ideas, Mr. Ragsdale is on the mark.

So who the hell are these VBTA people, particularly after they start to anonymously attack Mr. Ragsdale?

There's a recent post which demands
we still demand that you respect the VBTA and that you take this blog down immediately
Well, first off, anyone who demands censorship but doesn't sign their own name has a great deal of credibility in my book. Second, I have just two words for you, anonymous: F*** off.


  1. Thanks for your support. You say you're from Portsmouth? The best place to learn about buses in Portsmouth:

  2. F*** Off? EXCUSE ME? And you support this lame excuse of a blogger?

  3. Oh joy. Your blog too

  4. Perhaps I ought to have said "Buzz off."

    You know, more politically correct.

  5. The VBTA doesn't give a rat's a** about anyone else's idea. This is utter nonsense.

    No VBTA, I've never personally met Mr. Ragsdale before, so stop calling me his wife!

  6. Oh, and to anonymous (2:11), thanks for posting with your name. Certainly makes me believe in your cause. Perhaps you could provide the URL to your blog; I'm sure with your insightful and witty repertoire it's a great read, you know, better than Mr. Ragsdale's read where he writes with passion and knowledge.

  7. perhaps your blog should come down too. LEARN to be respectful to Mr. Greenmun! We don't like being told to "f*** off"

  8. Anonymous (2:17), there's a long line of people who would enjoy silencing me. I'm afraid you'll have to stand in line. Please take a number.

  9. Thanks, but I don't think this guy has the guts to post his name and/or blog. Henry narrowed it down to two possible people.

    From the movie Back to the "Future, Part III", he's a yellow bellied coward.

  10. VBTA = Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance.

    They're a fringe right anti-tax group. Reid Greenmun (who gets mentioned) is their Transportation Chairman.

    FYI, since you're in Portsmouth, it was the VBTA who the Portsmouth Taxpayers Alliance went to for help in getting rolling. Yes, you're stuck with their pupils.

  11. Great, there's a PTA? Just what I need in my little piece of paradise. I know the type: they want no taxes but all the services... And they never stoop to take public transportation... And they water their lawns with water not from a well...

    Oh. Oh. Maybe I'll join them...

  12. That pretty much describes them

  13. Thanks for the defense post. In appreciation, I've added you to my blog links.

  14. This guy sure is a gutsy one demanding you to "stay out of it"

    I'm calling him a coward for not posting a name.

  15. Wow, Peter, hot topic!

    I recently visited my Dad, who lives in Oceanside, CA, my wife and I stayed in San Diego about 45 minutes away. We used public transportation for the entire week we were there and absolutely loved it. What an easy way to do Southern California - literally, buses, bikes, trains and trolleys. Their pricing was brilliant, OK, enough praise...

    I agree with you on the fact that this is the future. California has done it right and I hope that someday other areas, like Tidewater will get a clue and fully implement the concepts.

    I no longer live in Tidewater, having recently moved, but I still love the area there.

    As for bloggers, I have a special appreciation for all who exercise their first amendment rights to try and make things better, especially since I recently lost my job due to my own blogging ;( . So I support MR as well, keep it up. Those that would have someone quit expressing their constitutional rights, I say treason!!! MM

  16. Thanks for your support. Thanks everyone. I agree with Amanda and Peter: this jerk, whoever they are, is a coward since they won't sign their name or give their blog URL.