Monday, April 21, 2008

Seen at Waterside

Getting off the ferry this morning, I saw a hulk of a yacht. She's battleship grey with the hull number 9906. On the one hand, military, but on the other hand decidely not. She's the M/Y Skat.

From a Power & Motoryacht article by George L. Petrie we learn,
If custom yachts are an expression of their owner’s personality, then it comes as no surprise to learn that the owner of L├╝rssen’s Skat has a technically brilliant mathematical mind. Dominated by planar surfaces, straight lines, and angular corners, the crispness of her exterior styling suggests a geometrical precision that permeates every facet of the yacht. What may be somewhat of a surprise, however, is that the 232-foot Skat is the owner’s first yacht and that she was conceived, designed, and constructed precisely in accordance with his specifically delineated requirements.
And, if you're wondering what software engineers, who joined Microsoft early, do with their money, wonder no more...

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