Monday, May 12, 2008

And what were you doing 18 years ago?

She's Not as Scary in Person
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Commander Salamander posted recently, RADM Stufflebeam, we're sorry, in which he asks,
Here is one thing that makes the hair on my neck stand up; guys, think back the better part of two decades ago and try to remember a woman who didn't mean that much to you, but she was sure in to you. Little do you know how much she was obsessed with you - and boy did she not go as easy as the came.

Over the intervening 18 years she has gone over the story, as she has it in her head, over and over as she has bumped from one disappointing life-milestone to another. As for you, you can't even remember what color her eyes are and if she drove a Nissan or a Toyota.

Next thing you know, she shows up at your boss's office. How much are you going to remember? Are the stories that you forgot almost 10 years ago going to get better and better?
Oh, there's a thought I'd rather not entertain.

Meanwhile, Rear Adm. John D. Stufflebeem has hung up his uniform.

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