Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Cold War?

Cold War
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Thomas L. Friedman suggests in an op/ed piece in The New York Times that the United States is entering another cold war period.
The next American president will inherit many foreign policy challenges, but surely one of the biggest will be the cold war. Yes, the next president is going to be a cold-war president — but this cold war is with Iran.

That is the real umbrella story in the Middle East today — the struggle for influence across the region, with America and its Sunni Arab allies (and Israel) versus Iran, Syria and their non-state allies, Hamas and Hezbollah. As the May 11 editorial in the Iranian daily Kayhan put it, “In the power struggle in the Middle East, there are only two sides: Iran and the U.S.”

For now, Team America is losing on just about every front. How come? The short answer is that Iran is smart and ruthless, America is dumb and weak, and the Sunni Arab world is feckless and divided. Any other questions?
Too bad Mr. Friedman doesn't have any strong opinions.

Read the entire piece; there's some great food for thought, including this nugget: America is now "trapped in a region which it cannot fix and it cannot abandon."

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