Thursday, May 29, 2008

McClellan's rationale?

Okay, so maybe the image doesn't quite fit... but...

From Dan Balz's McClellan's Dish and Tell: Required Reading for Campaign Aides.
But at heart, McClellan's book is the story of a modest and perhaps naïve political operative caught between personal loyalty and ambition on the one hand and a crisis of conscience that did not fully flower until after he put distance between himself and his White House days. Critics will easily see this as a combination of cowardice and cashing in, but McClellan offers an explanation that, if not fully plausible, goes some way in accounting for what he has written.

As he writes at one point, his views, particularly on Iraq, reflect those of many, many Americans, who may have had some initial doubts about how anxious the administration seemed about going to war but who trusted the wisdom and judgment of the president and an experienced team of advisers. Over time, his -- and the country's -- trust and confidence in Bush and his team was shattered by what has happened in Iraq.
Indeed. Reads like understatement to me...

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  1. For crying out loud, it's not like he was a 20 year old intern or something......that would be a different president.

    I call buuuuuulllllshit.