Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not my America

prisoners at gitmo
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Disturbing article by Stacy Sullivan at Salon: The forgotten kid of Guantánamo -- A teenager captured in Afghanistan and shipped to the U.S. prison remained unknown to the world for five years. Now he's being tried as an adult.

I also find it troubling that so many military officers who have been involved in the judicial process at Gitmo have taken issue with the process and systems. We don't see attorneys slamming the courts here at home, but the Gitmo courts have developed a strong cadre of officers who have spoken out, and continue to speak out, about the alleged illegality of what is going on.

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  1. And then there was this in the New York Times today: Army Judge Is Replaced for Trial of Detainee:


    The chief judge at Guantánamo replaced the military judge in one of the most closely watched war crimes cases on Thursday, creating a new controversy in the military commission system and the potential for new delays.

    The decision to replace the judge, Col. Peter E. Brownback III, came without explanation from the chief military judge, Col. Ralph H. Kohlmann. Judge Brownback has been presiding over pretrial proceedings in the prosecution of Omar Ahmed Khadr, a 21-year-old Canadian charged with the killing of an American serviceman in Afghanistan.

    Pentagon spokesmen said Judge Brownback, a retired Army judge who was recalled to hear Guantánamo cases in 2004, would return to retirement as a result of “a mutual decision” between the judge and the Army.

    But defense lawyers and critics of Guantánamo said there had been no warning of the change and suggested that he had been removed because of a recent ruling that was a rebuke to prosecutors.