Monday, May 12, 2008

Now that's an icon!

Usually, I'm a fan of Ray Gindroz's work. Certainly, what he's done for Portsmouth has been nearly remarkable. And, I am a fan of new urbanism.

When I learned that The Tide would necessitate the destruction of the Kirn Memorial Library, I wasn't sure I was keen on the idea.

And then I read a post that prompted me to post... and the general upshot was to build a building over the rail stop. Incorporate the rail into a building of significance.

Okay, we don't have to go the route of the Burj Dubai.

We could do something smaller, although I do think that Mr. Gindroz's latest suggestion was a bit bland. When I first saw the sketch, my immediate thought was that it looks like hundreds of other laces. It used to be I thought suburbia was becoming ultra homogeneous; well, I still think suburbia classifies, but so do city centers. They're becoming similar, rote, common.

In truth, I hadn't fully come to this conclusion until I saw this post: Icon for a what? I knew something was off. If Norfolk is going to be urban, than embrace that urbanism; we don't give up neighborhoods or walkability or public transportation or vibrancy. We set out to be known as urban. Let that be the icon.

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