Saturday, May 03, 2008

Someone's Little Piece of Heaven

Someone's Little Piece of Heaven
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Over at Salon, Fred Haefele has some great reporting and insight about a community under construction in Livingston, Montana.
Ameya Preserve (Sanskrit for "without boundaries") would be powered entirely by solar, wind or geothermal sources, the buildings would be constructed according to the most advanced environmental specifications. Most prominently, Ameya would also be designed to "zero out," which means that the carbon emitted in the construction process would be scrupulously calculated, then offset by planting forest tracts somewhere else in the West.
I'd certainly like to see something like this here in the east. Perhaps rural western Virginia, or anywhere along the Alleghenies.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Coming your way my friend. I'm standing up a new company as we speak called Renewable Energy Solutions and we will be doing this very same concept out here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Stand by, it should be an awesome experience, I'll keep you posted. MM