Saturday, July 26, 2008

Portsmouth City Council issues joint statement about the mayor's remarks

While I couldn't find a copy of the statement online, the Virginian Pilot is reporting the city council issued a joint statement yesterday denouncing the mayor's comments about the Renaissance Hotel.

Jen McCaffery reports Portsmouth council denounces mayor's comments on hotel:

The City Council released a joint statement Friday denouncing comments Mayor James W. Holley made earlier this week that caused some residents to say they wanted to seek his recall.

"As community leaders, we are truly proud of the distance Portsmouth has come in bringing unity, dignity, and equality to our citizens," the statement says. "Sadly, these recent events serve to remind us of the work that remains before us."

Holley's remarks have generated hundreds of e-mails and phone calls to council members, Vice Mayor Bill Moody Jr. said Friday.

The statement was released to assure the community that "the business of the city continues" and Holley's comments are not appropriate for an elected official, Councilwoman Elizabeth Psimas said.

The statement was authorized by all seven council members, including Holley. Psimas said the council had hoped the mayor would make his own statement.
But he didn't.

I for one hope he's packing his brief case and resigning from office. We don't need those thoughts, be they spoken or unspoken.

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