Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The hidden world of gang life

Have you seen Mary Kay Mallonee's Virginian Pilot article from yesterday, Norfolk gang leader reveals secrets in court about gang life? She calls the testimony at the federal trial in Norfolk "disturbing." I call it scary.

The star prosecution witness, Marlon Reed, -- a stand-up guy... er, no, that's not right... She says he's "one of the most ruthless, self-confessed gang leaders in Norfolk" -- "testified about gang members shooting people in the face, burning people all over their bodies with a clothes iron and jamming screwdrivers into people's arms and legs."

Mr. Reed also testified that "the Bloods are actively recruiting new members right now. Their goal, rule all of Norfolk with fear and an iron fist."

Great. Are we going to have here in Hampton Roads the feel of Sadr City pretty soon?

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  1. IRT: "Great. Are we going to have here in Hampton Roads the feel of Sadr City pretty soon?"

    Yes. Not because we don't have intelligent law enforcement, but rather because we have local politicians far too concerned with acting as "partners" with developers then they do as servants for the people.

    It is about priorities.

    Norfolk's Mayor Paul Fraim is more concerned with spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars buidling low volume light rail and subsidizing new office towers than he is in adequately funding Norfolk's police force to protect "the masses" that do not live in the wealthy neighborhoods.