Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's the details that count

A great story about customer service excellence from Catherine Bremer, who is in Beijing covering the Olympics for Reuters, Extended bed greets leggy Gregorio in Beijing:
Brazilian triple jumper Jadel Gregorio, who towers over the average human being, expected to spend his first night in Beijing with half his legs hanging off the end of the bed.

Not so. His Chinese hosts, who are wowing foreign guests with their organizational feats, had already figured out Gregorio's 2.03 meter (6 ft 8 in) frame would overhang the Olympic Village beds and had tacked on a special half-meter extension.

They had also raised his shower head -- to as high as they could without lifting the ceiling. "These people think of every little thing," Gregorio told Reuters as he finished a high-carb pasta lunch in the Olympic Village, his impossibly long legs somehow folded under the table.
Meanwhile, at the McDonald's down the street, no order I've placed in over a decade has ever been perfect. Not a one.

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