Thursday, September 04, 2008

Organizational use of social media tools

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Over at Social Media Today, Joel Postman suggests Responding to the social media mobocracy is a much better tactic than ignoring social media or, worse, being totally unaware.
You’ve probably read more than one post recently on all the great things companies are doing on Twitter. What’s less obvious are the companies that forgot to get on Twitter, or to otherwise monitor (or in some cases care about) what people are saying about them online. . . .

No company “has” to be on Twitter, but with the low cost of entry, and the opportunity to get involved in and learn from some of these discussions (and possibly head some of them off before they become blog posts and social media failure case studies), why wouldn’t you? Corporate communications people who don’t know how to use Technorati, Google Blog Search,, RSS and alerts to monitor online discussions about their company are nothing less than negligent.
I heard from someone that the Coast Guard officers with Signo 1 and 3 are both briefed on my daily contributions to the social media sphere... along with the blog posts at Coast Guard Report. Knowing that both 1 and 3 read my other blog along with this one, I figure this is a waste of time. I doubt that anything briefed isn't already known by the principals.

Mr. Postman offers his My Almost Free Twitter-Based Corporate Social Media Strategy. I'm thinking an RSS reader would be a start.

For those tasked with tracking, I can't help with Mr. Jackson, but just add this feed to your RSS reader; it'll cut down your work on finding my contributions online and save you a few minutes. And, with luck, the new portal, powered by Lotus Quickr, has the RSS reader enabled.

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