Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Coming to an end: Nothing is Just One Thing

One of my always reads is closing down, apparently. Nothing is Just One Thing, an awesome alternate future tale told in a blog, has run its course, or so it seems.

From Paul's most recent post:
Everything we can pack is packed. We’re keeping both cars in the garage until after midnight (zero-dark early hours Clark calls it - must be a military thing).

We’re signing off here. This going to be the last post here for a long time, probably ever. I don’t see us getting a landline phone to the cabin anytime soon, let alone a cable-modem. I’m not sure that many folks will miss us. There are bigger things to worry about than just another refugee family.

Refugee — there’s a word that just has a dark hole at it’s center. We’re leaving home, leaving a place we’ve come to love, a house that we worked hard to buy and where our daughter took her first steps. And we’re not handing it over to some other family to build their dreams in. We’re locking it up, leaving most of our stuff, and running.
It's been a fascinating read these past 12 months. If you haven't swung by, do, and start at the first post and read forward. Here's hoping that the McNeil's vision is as far from our future as possible.

So, set aside an hour or two, and settle in for a future that is believable, but not inevitable. Nothing is Just One Thing.

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