Sunday, October 26, 2008

Geeze, Louise, say it ain't so

The Rev. Anthony C. Paige of Norfolk has recently come out in support of state senator Louise Lucas.
Quite frankly, I don’t know of any perfect public servant. If Lucas made some mistakes in trying to bring positive economic development to Portsmouth, that’s correctable. But please don’t destroy her reputation as a public servant.

Moreover, if we are going to use a sharp scalpel on Lucas, then why not be evenhanded about it? She is not the only elected official who has benefited from economic development and will not be the last. In my opinion, that’s not the worst thing a public official can do — when they are open with it.
Er, ah, sir, that's the point. She wasn't open about it.

From yesterday's editorial page in the Virginian Pilot, we read what they are thinking.
When state Sen. Louise Lucas first proposed building a hotel and conference center in Portsmouth, she argued in a letter to this page that her involvement in the project would ensure "that openness and transparency prevail." Since then, however, she has been far from open and transparent in her dealings with city officials and taxpayers and even with investors in the project.
Even and admission that she messed up would go pretty darn far... although, as every day passes with explanations and rationalities from the Lucas camp, the less helpful even a full admission of malfeasance and a request for pardon by the public will not go as far as it would have earlier.

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