Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vote Early: Even the registrars are suggesting absentee or early voting

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I've already voted. And you ought to consider doing so, also.

The polls this year are going to be crazy; the last presidential election found me standing in line for several hours. This year, the experts are predicting it's going to be even worse.

Lauren King with the Virginian Pilot tells us, "Registrars: People should consider voting absentee."
With voter registrations in Virginia and North Carolina reaching record numbers of new voters, election officials want voters to consider casting their ballots early rather than wait in long lines on Nov. 4.

The deadline for requesting an absentee ballot is Oct. 28. And beginning today, North Carolina voters can vote early, in person, no excuse needed.

In Virginia, voters may request an absentee ballot if they will be out of town, have a religious obligation, are physically unable to get to the polls, or are working at the polls.
Here's my suggestion if you live in Virginia or one of the other states that doesn't allow straight early voting: Right now, plan a trip out of town. Go vote, in person, absentee.

If you end up not taking that trip you've planned, well, you've now already voted, so I guess it doesn't matter. On election day, you can relax, as you've already completed your civic responsibility.

For Virginia's rules on absentee voting, surf here.

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  1. That's the catch: Virginia's absurd criteria. At least there was a change by the General Assembly this year in the law that allowed me to vote absentee legally this year for thr first time.

    I did in person at the registrar's office yesterday morning.