Friday, October 24, 2008

When is the letter B not the letter B?

In terms of flipped picture, is the "B" on her right cheek or her left cheek?  On the left, the B is a B.  On the right cheek, the B is a B only for those of us suffering from dyslexia or looking at Ms. Todd through mirrored sunglasses.

Oh, wait, I guess that's not through the mirrored sunglasses, but by way of the mirrored sunglasses.

Joe Mandak of the Associated Press tells us,
[Diane] Richard, the police spokeswoman, said police have pictures of the victim and her injuries, but are not releasing them. She said they are "more or less" consistent with a picture that has surfaced on the Internet that show a woman with a black eye and a red backward "B" that looks like a welt or scrape on her right cheek.
The astute reader will note that the picture with this post has been flipped and the B is not backward and is on the "left" cheek.

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