Sunday, November 23, 2008

Letting it all hang out: Questions for new White House staffers and other political appointees

Obama in '08!
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Superb essay by Michael Martin over at Salon. Barack Obama wants you (to spill your secrets): Prospective White House employees must cough up an unprecedented amount of detail about their online activity. Is the new administration being smart -- or scary?

Wrote Mr. Martin:
In 63 questions over seven pages, prospective White House employees are being asked — in addition to questions about finances, gun ownership and, possibly, flossing habits — to list “all aliases or ‘handles’ you have used to communicate on the Internet,” everything they’ve written, “including, but not limited to, any posts or comments on blogs or other websites,” links to their Facebook or MySpace pages and any potentially embarrassing “electronic communication, including but not limited to an email, text message or instant message.”
Wow. Takes vetting to an entirely new level.

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