Saturday, November 01, 2008

A lettter Chris Brogan would like you to read: Dear Bank of America

Chris Brogan, social media expert and evangelist, recently went to cash a check at a Bank of America branch. Bet that will be the last time he darkens the door at a BoA branch:
Yesterday, I went into a Bank of America branch. I had a check from a customer of theirs and wanted to cash it. I was told that I would have to pay $6 because I’m not a customer, too. Further, you made me stick my fingerprint on the check, because my signature is somehow not good enough.

These two actions made me think several things:
  • You don’t want my business.
  • You don’t trust me. (Signatures are legal proof of consent everywhere else on the globe.)
  • You don’t want me doing business with that customer any more.
Do any of those seem like good ideas in this economy? Do you want this kind of a blog post railing against your policies?

I bank at The Provident Bank, a very small and useful bank. There aren’t a billion branches. There aren’t a billion employees. There aren’t several services that your bank probably offers.

But they treat me nicely, they appreciate my business, and they don’t charge me to interact with their customers.

The next check I receive from Bank of America, I’m going to send back to the person and ask them to choose a different instrument. Why? Because it shouldn’t cost me $6 and an inky thumbprint to do business in 2008.


Go to Hell.
My wife has had similar experiences recently.

And I wonder if BoA prides themselves on customer service, because if they do, perhaps they ought to give it another thought.


  1. Amadeo Giannini is spinning in his grave...

  2. BoA's idea of customer service and our idea of customer service are not the same thing.

    Unfortunately, that's what this world is coming to. Isn't that why this blog requires me to have a sign-in name AND captcha word verification?

  3. OldGuy,

    Sorry about that... I went and checked the settings... I had it set to allow anyone (even unregistered) to comment and the captcha was on. Not sure why you were seeing a requirement to sign-in.

    I changed it to registered (OpenId included; I see you are an OpenId user) and removed the captcha.

    Probably the reason I'd require anything is to discourage comments...


    Does that