Sunday, November 16, 2008

Size of the Service and Project Valour-IT: Coast Guard nudging above the middle of per capita giving

The good folks over at Soldiers' Angels, a non-profit organization, is sponsoring the fourth annual Project Valour-IT, an initiative to provide computer equipment to injured/disabled military members and veterans.

AN UNOFFICIAL COAST GUARD BLOG somehow landed a spot as the CG lead for this sometimes-not-so-friendly competition to see who can come up with the most cash for this initiative.

The fund drive started last Thursday, but I somehow never got around to posting about the initiative. Today, I did, but only find out there'd been some sort of a firestorm wherein the Coast Guard took a bashing.

Well, I thought the whole thing was a bit over-the-top, and I still haven't seen all the arrows which have been directed toward me, AN UNOFFICIAL COAST GUARD BLOG, and the Coast guard.

I thought, however, that our showing, even at this point, wasn't so bad. But how to serve that up to others in the milblogging community?

How's this:

Branch Active force Reserve force (including Guard and Reserve)Total force numbersProject Valour-IT FundingAmount/Member
Army 538,128 557,6001,095,728$11,727$0.010
Marine Corps 194,912 39,600234,512$3,680$0.016
Navy 332,832 66,700399,532$17,800$0.045
Air Force 328,439 184,156512,595$3617$0.007
Coast Guard 42,331 10,00052,331$957$0.018

The service size data came from Wikipedia. I know. Who can trust that open source? But, the numbers look okay, at least for my use.

The donation data came from the Soldiers' Angel fund raising page this evening.

Anyway, it's no where near as grim as those milbloggers seem to have made it out to be.  Got to hand it to the Navy, however. They're at over four cents per military member for donations; nobody else is even over two cents.  How much are you willing to donate to this worthy cause?

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