Monday, November 10, 2008

Suffering from Internet Withdrawal: My week in review

This has been one of those weeks...

Last Tuesday, I was headed to New London. My plan was to take the train from Newport News and enjoy ample opportunity to write and think. Of course, the laptop was an integral part of the write part of that.

Too bad the computer didn't make it on the train.

I was cutting it a bit close, but we careened down Warwick Boulevard, I had good vibes... that is, until we spun into the station, and I could see the train on the tracks with all stairs up.

I leapt out of the car and rushed into the station to pick up the ticket (which I'd already purchased online). As the clerk was scanning my reservation form and checking my ID, another clerk got on the loudspeaker. "We have a runner."

Okay, I'm usually a little more circumspect than that, but there I was. I felt like I was in Blade Runner.

The clerk handed me my ticket and I raced out of the station to get my luggage and get on the train. My luggage was next to the car, but it didn't seem to be enough. "That's not everything," I yelled as I grasped handles and started running for the train. I had no idea what I was missing, but I knew it wasn't enough.

I threw the bags on the train and then leapt up onto the train, my knees banging against the metal treads. As I got to my feet, adrenaline flowing, I felt the lurch of the train as it began the journey north to New England.

And then I realized that the missing item was my laptop computer, likely still ensconced safely in the car.

And so I spent some 14 hours moving north without my computer. No computer. No novels to read (hadn't thought I'd need them). My only paper a composition notebook.

And then, to make matters worse, when I checked into the Residence Inn in Mystic, I discovered their business center computer was belly-up.

And my colleague, who arrived the next day, had lost his brick/power cord for his computer, so he couldn't even loan it to me to satisfy my fix.

And that is how I came to experience nearly a week offline.

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