Thursday, January 22, 2009

A few random bits

Tumbleweed in the making
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I know. Been deathly silent here, for the most part. Been trying to figure out what grad program at Yale I can get into.

A few bits:

1. Try Twalala, a Twitter web-based application that allows you to "mute" certain people... so, for instance, I could follow on Twitter scores of people, but on Twalala just see a select few. A cynic would mute the folks who are too active with truly little to say. Oh, and until the CG-6 watchdogs read this and catch on, it's accessible from inside the CGDN.

2. I'm a cynic.

3. Seems Renegade/POTUS/President Obama, decided that since he flubbed the oath on Tuesday he ought to take it again. So he did. I didn't realize the oath is actually Constitutionally mandated. Guess I have some reading to to do. And I'm hopeful this isn't indicative of how the legislative and executive branches are going to work together.

4. The jury was seated today in the Ryan Frederick trial. I am sad that we have two cases locally that I think our law enforcement professionals botched. And this is one of them. And do to the botching, a good law enforcement officer is dead. And a man is on trial for a murder which never should have happened. If the case hadn't been botched from the start. Well, that's my perception, anyway.

5. A cool way to hide your car in the noise of the urban environment.

6. The Coast Guard Knowledge Management Summit, 18-20 February, is still a "go" for Houston.

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