Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time for Action: Stop cuts to education

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I received the following from an elementary school teacher here in Portsmouth (okay, my former spouse)... Read, and then send a letter as requested:
From: Vicki Tiller
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Subject: school board meeting last night - We need your signature NOW

According to the School Board meeting last night. Portsmouth has a 9-10 million $$ hole in the budget for '09-10. A lot depends on how Obama's stimulus package will be accepted and the passing of Governor's Kaine's proposal for a $340 million K-12 cut in funding. This is currently the forcast for February but May could bring more bad news if we dont take action.

However, no one in PPS is losing their jobs. There are some positions that have more staff than what is needed and what they plan on doing is as those positions are voluntarily left, they will not be filled. That is currently for Assist Principals, Guidance, and nurses. They will remove the Library Clerk position and move those people to another position within the school system. They have the choice to basically take it or leave it at this point. However, if they leave it, their position will not be filled.

The Montessori School at Parkview will be closed and those Paraprofessionals will be placed in other schools.

Budget cuts will come from Facilities, Operations, IT, no school additional purchase of school busses, and a few purchases made last year that do not have to be made again this year. They will also cut out of town travel for Operations, hiring freeze, and add people to Title 1 schools in order to be able to lose supplies and materials.

No raises are another consideration but not a definite. Again it depends on how the Stimulus package goes.

This is how it is Today but tomorrow it can change. This is how much we are in the hole for '09-10 but if the economy does not get better in by 2010 our deficit could be bigger resulting if more drastic measures such as relieving staff.

This is literally a Day by Day situation.


We have board members going to Richmond today to Lobby against Governors Kaine's (see note: Our Governor refers to $340 million in K-12 cuts, while Budget Director Daniel Timberlake indicates that the cuts amount to $595,180,605 for FY 2010, a 9.4% cut in K-12 funding.

We need as many signature as possible for petittion against this position. There are only 13,000 signatures currently but they need more. Our representatives need to see the public is upset and it's up to us now to make changes.

Go to http://www.veanea.org -- two electronic letters are already awaiting your signature. Just click on the right hand side of the website site where you will see Take Action. Fill in your name and address and send.

Hopefully this helps with the current rumors and I hope to keep everyone up to date.

Vicki Tiller, CES PTA Vice President
I am upset about what's happening at Park View. Both of my older boys went to Park View; cutting the Montessori program is a mistake, but then, so was doubling the size of the school... who is it that thinks an elementary school should have more than 250-300 students? Insanity.

Do visit the http://www.veanea.org website and click on the link on the upper right side... we can't strip funding for public schools...

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